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Essential Coupons and Discounts for Frugal Seniors

Your golden years should be a wonderful time in which you can restfully reflect on a lifetime of accomplishments, but if you’re living on a tight budget and fixed income, will you have to sacrifice the things you love in retirement? Not if you’re savvy about using coupons and looking for discounts! These resources from […]

Helpful Tips for Creating Your Long-Term Care Safety Net

Although it’s something none of us like to think about, you or a loved one may require long-term care one day. Regardless of your current situation, over time, your mind and body may need more support than you currently do. Planning ahead is the best way to ensure you’re prepared, come what may.  Whittier Glen […]

reconnecting with estranged seniors

While it may be a stereotype that seniors are set in their ways and that they may be living with outdated ideals, stereotypes are often arrived at for a reason. It may be a generalization, but seniors can be stubborn and less inclined to want to change. If you’ve got a friend or a family […]

Fun Gifts for the Caretaker in Your Life

They’ve spent all year caring for you or a loved one, now it’s time to show them you care. Here, Whittier Glen Assisted Living takes a look at the best gifts to give your favorite caregiver this holiday season based on their personality. For the fun-lover You can spot a fun lover by the way […]

Senior Money Management – Ask Questions

Many seniors have concerns about their finances, especially when it comes to ensuring savings, investments, and other retirement funds last as long as necessary. Asking questions is the first step to success.

Burning, Itching Blisters: 5 Things to Know About Shingles

While chickenpox is usually an illness reserved for children, it can come roaring back in adulthood as shingles. There is no telling if and when shingles will strike, but luckily there are vaccines available to help prevent it. Here are a few things you should know about shingles.

5 Do’s and Don’ts for Getting Some Solid Shut-Eye

Getting some shut-eye can be one of the best parts of the day, but as you age, it can become more difficult to do so. Older adults can have a more difficult time getting to sleep, whether it is due to medications, stress, or other factors.

6 Foods That Can Help Reduce Joint Pain

Living with joint pain can make some activities difficult or even impossible. The good news is there are some natural and tasty options that may help keep joint pain at bay.