Essential Coupons and Discounts for Frugal Seniors

Your golden years should be a wonderful time in which you can restfully reflect on a lifetime of accomplishments, but if you’re living on a tight budget and fixed income, will you have to sacrifice the things you love in retirement? Not if you’re savvy about using coupons and looking for discounts! These resources from Whittier Glen Assisted Living can help seniors everywhere live well on a budget.

Phone and Internet Services

From scoring savings on laptops to signing up for affordable phone plans, seniors can enjoy all kinds of perks when it comes to technology!

  • With so many budget-friendly phone plans for seniors, you never need to overspend on cellular service. 
  • These days, reliable internet is available even in rural areas, and seniors often qualify for a discount—be sure to call and ask!
  • Seniors who need computers for work, entertainment, or staying in touch with loved ones may have access to free laptops

Saving on Healthcare

  • As the years go on, healthcare becomes more expensive for everyone. Seniors should definitely take advantage of these healthcare coupons, discounts, and freebies.
  • Buying eyeglasses through discount stores or online retailers can help you save big on eye care. Check out this guide to find organizations and pharmacies that help seniors get discounts for prescription medications. 
  • Medicare does not cover dental care, but there are low-cost and completely free options for seniors. 

Other Helpful Discounts

Plenty of retail stores, grocery chains, and even airlines help seniors stick to their budgets, so be smart about where you do your shopping!

  • Shop at grocery stores that offer great deals and discounts for seniors on certain days of the week!
  • If you frequent the right stores, seniors don’t have to pay full price for clothing and accessories. 
  • Always check with restaurants to see if they offer senior discounts or specials
  • Want to take a vacation without breaking the bank? Book with an airline that offers special senior discounts. 
  • If you’re searching for upholstery cleaning services, gutter repair, lawn care, window repair, and more, remember to check ratings and reviews and request a quote.

You’ve spent your whole life saving for retirement. Now, you want to make sure that you can make the most of your retirement fund. With these discounts and coupons, you’ll be able to stretch every dollar a little further!

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